CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Music Culture Muzika

Editorial Board of the Journal of Music Culture Muzika invites authors to give their contribution to the journal with original scientific papers. Applications include the Full paper accompanied with an Application letter (name of the topic in two languages, author’s full name, contact information: e-mail and mailing address), Brief biography (ca. 150-200 words), Key words (3-5 words), Short abstract (ca. 100 words), Summary (up to 500 words) [...]



11th International Symposium “Music in Society”: A Report

In pursuit of their ongoing mission of systematic and critical reflection on the issues of music in society,  the Musicological Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Academy of Music of the University of Sarajevo have successfully completed yet another, this time 11th, edition of the International Musicological Symposium “Music in Society”. [...]