Fatima Hadžić

Fatima Hadžić, PhD




Fatima (b. Begagić) Hadžić (Zenica, 1979) graduated in piano (2003) and musicology (2005) at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo. She earned a master’s degree in 2009 (The role and importance of Czechs in the development of music culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and a doctoral degree in 2012 (The musical life of Sarajevo in the period between the two world wars 1918–1941). After three years as a piano teacher and piano accompanist at the High School of Music in Sarajevo, she received an assistantship in the field of musicology at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo (2006) and in 2012 was elected as an assistant professor in the field of musicology. She was engaged as secretary to the Musicological Society of FB&H (2007-2014). Hadžić is a contributor to the journal of musical culture Muzika and the Institute of Musicology at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo. In 2014, she was elected for the President of the Musicological Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has presented her papers at the meetings and symposiums organized by the Musicological society of FB&H, IMS, ICTM, etc., at the symposiums in B&H, Croatia, Czech Republic and Italy.