Ivan Čavlović

Ivan Čavlović, PhD




Ivan Čavlović completed his music studies at the Teachers’ College in Pula (1972) and the Academy of Music in Sarajevo, Department of Music Theory and Pedagogy (1977), and the two-year piano studies in Prof. Matusja Blum’s class (1979). He took his Master’s Degree (1983) with the thesis entitled Sonata-style in J. S. Bach’s works and application of its principles in D. G. Scarlatti’s piano sonatas, and his Ph.D. degree (1991), with the thesis Composing-technique and style characteristics of Vlado S. Milošević’s creative opus. He has published five books, four short monographs on B & H artists and over 200 scientific, professional and publicist papers in local and international periodicals and proceedings of musicology events. He is also involved in composing theatre music. He is one of the initiators of the journal Muzika, a founder of the Musicological Society of FB&H, and an initiator and organizer of the international symposium “Music in Society”. At the moment, he serves as the Dean of the Academy of Music in Sarajevo.