Collection of papers “Music in Society”

Published biannually, “Music in Society” is a peer-reviewed collection of papers of participants of eponymous international symposium which is held in Sarajevo since 1998, organized by the Musicological Society of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Academy of Music in Sarajevo.

The collection of papers which contains articles in the field of musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory and music pedagogy is published bilingually in one of the local languages ​​(Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) and English.

So far, there were eight symposia and eight collections of papers, which contain 213 articles of experts from 18 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka and Singapore).

The collection of papers “Music in Society” is well accepted by domestic and foreign musicologists, considering that the international symposium “Music in Society” became one of the most important symposium of that kind in the region that gathers the most important experts for music of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkans and wider.