The 2019 annual assembly of the Musicological Society took place on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at 18:00, in the Small Hall of the University of Sarajevo’s Academy of Music. The session was chaired by Dr. Senad Kazić.

The Assembly adopted unanimously the reports on past year’s activity and financial operations presented by the President of the Society, Dr. Amila Ramović. Her report was accompanied by a positive assessment given by the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Jasmina Talam, stating no irregularities were detected in the Society’s work of the in the past year. Chairman of the Council of Honour Dr. Refik Hodžić informed the Assembly that the Council has not met in the past year because no violations of the Code of Honour have been established.

The reporting part of the session, which was primarily related to the activities related to the 11th International Symposium Music in Society (25-28 October 2019), was followed by a promotional part in which the recent editions of the Society were presented. New edition of Journal for Music Culture Muzika (I / 2018) was presented by its Editor Dr. Lana Paćuka. Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium Music in Society, published in both Bosnian and English, were presented by Dr. Amra Bosnić and Dr. Naida Hukić, editors of the edition. The Dean of the UNSA Academy of Music, Senad Kazić, emphasized the importance and the satisfaction of the continued cooperation between the Academy and the Society in the production of these editions.

In the second part of the session, the President of the Society dr. Ramović  presented the guidelines for the medium-term action of the Society (Action Lines 2019-2022), which, in addition to the long-term strategic projects, such as the Symposium, Journal of Music Culture Muzika and Symposium Proceedings, mapped the routes for new regular activities that would take place in accordance with conditions. Among them, the focus is on the expansion of program, publishing and production activities, and a stronger involvement of membership through assigned work groups. In this context, an announcement was given for the upcoming scientific conferences devoted to the musicologist ddr. Zija Kučukalić and Bosnian composer Alisher Sijarić. The promotion of a recent book by Dr. Fatima Hadžić “Muzičke institucije u Sarajevu (1918–1941): Oblasna muzička škola i Sarajevska filharmonija” [Music Institutions in Sarajevo (1918-1941): The Regional Music School and the Sarajevo Philharmonic] published by the Institute for Musicology of the UNSA Academy  of Music in 2018 was announced.

The Assembly unanimously adopted the initiative launched by the Vice President of the Society Prof. Emer. Dr. Ivan Čavlović for establishing an annual award of the Musicological Society for special contribution to Bosnian Musicology, and with the accompanying Rules and Regulations for the Annual Prize “Ddr. Zija Kučukalić “.

In the closing part of the session, Vice-President of the Assembly was chosen -  Prof. Branka Vidović, and, after the Rules and Regulations were adopted, the Commission for Publishing of the Musicological Society was appointed, including with  Dr. Valida Akšamija, Dr. Ivan Čavlović (president) and Dr. Lana Paćuka.

At this session of the Society, five members joined the membership – the membership was renewed by Vesna Andree Zaimović, MSc, and new members are  Ena Brdar-Plakalo, MSc, Dr. Hanan Hadžajlić, Nermin Ploskić, SC, and  Dr, Dino Rešidbegović.

The official record of the Assembly was taken by the Society’s Secretary Lamija Hasković.

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