Musicological Society

Musicological Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in June 1997. It gathers experts in musical science dedicated to research of the musical past and present of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and the world.

The Society is the first of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today its activities a an important part of the musical life of the country,  especially relating to different aspects of music related research. The association gathers more than 64 members and it is seated at Music academy in Sarajevo.

In 1997 the Musicological Society, together with the Academy of Music of the University of Sarajevo, launched the Journal for Music Culture MUZIKA, which has developed into the leading Bosnian scientific musicological journal of the present day. Muzika is followed by databases such as RILM, CEEOL, ERIH PLUS.

In 1998, also in collaboration with  the Academy of Music of the University of Sarajevo, the first edition of the  biennial International Symposium “Music in Society” took place. The 12th edition of the Symposium, the first one online, will take place from 10 to 12 December 2020. The bilingual Collection of Papers of the Symposium is also published biennially, and is indexed in RILM as wel as EBSCO.

One of the core activities of the Society is creation of written resources on music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This segment of work is very significant because the published writings, books, but also works published in “Muzika” and Symposium’s collections of papers, are gradually forming a fond of literature about music in B&H.

The fourth significant segment of our work is the project Fundamental Research for Music in Bosnia and Hercegovina 2010 (“Fundamentalna istraživanja za muziku u BiH 2010″) (abbr: FIHM 2010). The aim of this project is to investigate musical resources in B&H from the earliest past until today. After analysis and classification of resources results will be processed and published. The implementation of this project gathers 30 distinguished editors and associates from all areas of music science.

As part of this project, Society has published the  Lexicon of Musicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including lexicographic data on all musicians in the country, from pop, through folk to art music. This is also the first time for project of this kind to be fulfilled in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The sixth important part of our activities is organisation of concerts performing, commissioning and recording works by Bosnian composers, which remains a regular part of our activity,

The Musicological Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a non-profit organisation whose activities are financially supported exclusively governmental and non-governmental institutions.