Instructions for authors




1. Allowed amount of words in submissions:
- Abstract: ca. 200-250 words;
- Keywords: ca. 3-5 words;
- Examples: max. 3 pages (photographs, scores, etc…)
- Scientific papers: ca. 3000-6000 words;
- Expert papers: ca. 3000-5000 words;
- Summaries of Acknowledgement papers: ca. 1000-2000 words;
- Reviews, presentations, interviews, reports: ca. 500-1500 words;



1. Official language:

- authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina: main text Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, abstract, summary, key words bilingual (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English)
- authors outside Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian English and German.

2. Text:
- program MS Word, Latin alphabet (Times New Roman), font size 12, line spacing 1, 15;
- footnotes should be inserted automatically (Insert-Reference-Footnote-Insert), not manually;
- avoid bold, as well as any other kind of text decoration;
- use double quotation marks (”…”) for quotations within the text and single quotation marks for quotations within quotation marks (”…’…’…”);
- use en dash (–) without spacing between years and page numbers;
- names of scales, notes etc. are named in following manner: C major, A minor…
- dates should be written in following manner: 25th April 1975; 19th century, etc…
- when mentioning a person for the first time in a paper, write their name, surname, date of birth and date of death, e.g. Frederic Chopin (1810–1849);
- write names of works in italic, e.g. L. van Beethoven Fidelio.

3. Examples:
- photographs, charts and music examples should be sent in digital form in separate maps;
- photographs in format JPG or EPS;
- examples sent within the maps must be adequately numbered (in order of appearance);
- mark the position of examples within the text and provide a short description of the source.



We ask you to use the The Chicago Manual of Style.

1. References in the main text:
Sources in the footnotes are written in following manner:

Author surname, ”Name of Article“, page number.

Articles from journals
Author surname, ”Name of article”, page number.

2. Final list of references
Final list of references is placed at the end of the article and it only contains sources used in the main text. Sources are written in following manner:

Surname, Name of Author. Book Title. City of Publisher: Publisher, year of publishing.

Articles from journals
Surname, Name of author. ”Name of article”. Journal title number of issue (year of issue): page number.

For more information please consult:



1. Manuscripts sent to the editoral board are read by the editor-in-chief, who decides whether the article thematically and by quality corresponds to the journal criteria. The editor-in-chief has a right to reject the paper.
2. If the paper meets the previously set criteria, depending on its theme it is being sent for a mutual ”blind” review.
3. The opinion of the reviewer, whether positive or negative, is sent back to the author who must acknowledge the corrections of the reviewer if he/she wishes to have their paper published.
4. After the preparations for printing are done, authors write a confirmation that the published paper is the original work and that it previously has not been published or accepted for any other kind of publication.



Please send your manuscripts electronically on the following address: